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Applying local aviation authority regulations and airline crew rule agreements, CrewLogic identifies the ideal crew pairings which meet the demands of your flight schedule whilst conforming to crew flight time limitations. The result identifies your required establishment using either an actual or virtual crew approach.

Once the crew routes are created, APM's optimiser automatically assigns duties to crew members - based upon user defined distribution of flight types and destinations, be they fair or otherwise. The duties are only allocated to crew members with the appropriate qualifications, aircraft and airport recent experience and rest.

Standbys can also be manually or automatically allocated, together with legal rest days, hotac and third party positioning (Dead headings).

With its comprehensive training features, CrewLogic also lets you assign ground training events such as simulators and flight training to crew members including line training, and offers a comprehensive transition training function. The training activities are published in the roster along with updated crew qualifications resulting in a compliant roster for all crew members.

Flight amendments from APM’s SchedulePlanner or SmartOps system that affect Crew Pairings or Rosters are shown visually in a regulation graphical display so that irregularities are easily identified and solved.

A crew-track changes feature means that you are able to easily identify and update crew roster changes by using the crew regulations display.

To analyse the results, CrewLogic offers a comprehensive range of reports and graphs with a very helpful function to measure individual results to the average.

Crew administration and training

  • comprehensive crew database including personal details, preferences, availability, qualifications, languages, passport and visa validities; and crew base
  • fully configurable crew training and qualifications
  • ability to allocate flight and ground training events for qualification management
  • ability to record and update training event results
  • management of recurrent checks plus crew training and qualification alerts
  • management of aircraft and airport crew recent experience
  • crew role transition training function
  • crew messaging functionality including SMS, web and email
  • web access to individual rosters, roster changes, messages, requests for holidays and flights and crew preferences

Crew route pairings

  • automated construction of flight duty pairings and rosters using regulatory and company rules from the APM rules engine*
  • configurable rules engine
  • inclusive of EASA and CAP371 rule sets
  • automatic crew establishment calculations by crew base
  • ability to manually adjust crew pairings and rosters
  • generation of crew pairings with APM’s optimiser*
  • forbidden crew pairs
  • formed crew teams
  • crew request display
  • crew preference display
  • crew delayed reporting
  • automatic hotac generation
  • automatic standby generation


  • real-time crew control on day of operation with changes alert displays
  • production and distribution of crew rosters
  • crew regulation display
  • allocation of crew pairings with *APM’s optimiser

Analysis and reporting

  • production and distribution of crew rosters
  • cari 6 cosmic ray recording and report generation with Epcard data available at an additional fee
  • crew briefing sheet
  • general Declaration publication
  • customs Declaration publication including Cuban and Chinese formats
  • crew Manifest/APIS generation
  • post-flight crew records update log for crew pay calculations and crew hours
  • extensive range of crew reports and statistics with user defined outputs and formats
  • crew rosters reports and statistics
  • crew duty reports
  • crew training reports
  • crew records with duty, FDP, flight and block hours
  • fatigue management information
  • cosmic ray report
  • crew duty day reports
  • crew roster report
  • crew check-in report
  • upgraded crew report
  • crew combination report
  • crew robustness report

* APM's optimiser is delivered with a default parameters set but these can be tailored to suit your airline by taking advantage of APM’s optimisation consultancy service

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