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Aviation software solutions

Aviation software solutions

Installation and support

From detailed analysis and software development to day-to-day phone support, APM’s consultancy team provides all the aviation technology expertise you will need.

  • Analysis and specification

    Right from the start, APM adopts a collaborative approach to development and implementation of software solutions tailor-made to meet, not only the specific demands of your airline, but anticipate aviation market trends too.

    Our consultants carry out rigorous gap analysis to compare your existing existing systems and processes with APMs; by doing so, your IT team is able to identify the points of interface and the technical and process implications of implementation.

    The result is an agreement about the existing processes that will be retained or replaced, which is fully documented prior to development, testing and implementation.

  • Training and Consultancy Support

    APM’s consultancy team is there to support you whether you are replacing existing software, installing APM as your first system or even using APM in conjunction with other tools.

    Our comprehensive user training means you can be sure that all users fully understand how to work with APM’s technology.

    In addition, APM provides day-to-day French and English-speaking technical phone support based in our UK representative and Swiss offices.

    APM also offer customisation of its CrewLogic and CrewSim pairings and roster optimiser which meet the specific demands of your flight schedule whilst conforming to crew flight limitations. This is provided by APM’s optimisation consultancy service

  • Testing

    APM has developed a comprehensive process of testing designed both to mitigate the risks and reduce the time it takes to get from software development to delivery.

    By incorporating SmartBear Test Complete testing technology – which allows the running of hundreds of automated test scripts - APM's process offers consistency in testing, measured against an agreed baseline, with enhanced regression testing and extended testing coverage.

  • Configuration

    The right configuration of a system is essential to successful implementation.

    With the Settings module from APM your IT teams can configure modules to assign access and user rights, standardise templates, colours and define other settings; ensuring that it meets the needs of your business.

  • Hardware requirements

    The current default APM Hardware requirements to host the system are available to download here or by clicking on the download button near the top of this page. However prior to any installation APM will advise you on the recommended hardware required.

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Disclaimer: Whilst every attempt has been made to provide up to date and accurate information in this web site, APM retains the right to amend our services and products without reference or obligation.