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Aviation software solutions

Aviation software solutions

Commercial analysis and profitable operations

Commercial analysis, transactional and supplier communication tools to manage invoicing, pricing, costs, catering and maximise profitability.

  • QuoteManager

    Quickly and easily forecast flight profitability by calculating the revenue and costs generated for a proposed flight or flight rotation.

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  • ProfitSim

    A feature-rich way to find the most profitable schedule for your entire airline.

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  • FinanceWhiz

    FinanceWhiz makes it easier to calculate your flight costs and reconcile supplier invoices so your airline only ever pays for what it uses.

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  • InFlightServices

    An easy-to-use tool to help select, assign and manage the allocation of meals, drinks and other in-flight items on each flight in your schedule for passengers and for both flight deck and cabin crew members.

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  • YieldPlanner

    Built especially with the charter aviation market in mind, YieldPlanner is a feature-rich tool that helps maximise seat revenue and manage yield.

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