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ScheduleSim lets you import schedules from your existing flight programme in SchedulePlanner so you can create and test a number of scenarios to help you identify the most preferred option together with your historic slot allocation.

Because ScheduleSim seamlessly connects with APM's crewing scenario application, CrewSim, you can also test the resilience of your potential schedule with actual or virtual crewing data to identify crew establishments and rosters.

When you are satisfied with the flight sectors in your chosen scenario you can import an SHL message to match your revised flight schedule to your historic slot allocation. Once you have made any adjustments and reached a decision, ScheduleSim allows you to prepare and submit your slot submissions and export your chosen schedule scenario straight into SchedulePlanner.

Features include

  • import an existing schedule directly from SchedulePlanner or an SSIM
  • create new schedule scenarios without disruption to your production schedule
  • build and create multiple schedule scenarios to show the effect of changes
  • compare performance across different schedule scenarios or schedules in production
  • export your chosen schedule scenario straight into SchedulePlanner
  • generate a range of reports to more easily understand the use of your fleet
  • manage the slot submission process to appropriate airport operators via recognised messaging standards
  • quickly and easily access historical slot data to resolve issues during slot negotiations
  • connect with APM’s CrewSim to help you build crewing scenarios outside of the production environment

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