Aviation software solutions

Aviation software solutions

With its pow­er­ful com­bi­na­tion of fea­tures, includ­ing drag-and-drop visu­al dis­play, Sched­ule­Plan­ner lets you mon­i­tor and man­age your sched­ule, as well as plan and man­age slot sub­mis­sions for next season’s sched­ule includ­ing the slot hand-back process.

Choose to cre­ate flights in either text or visu­al dis­play mode using com­mer­cial flight num­bers, or opt to link a com­mer­cial flight num­ber with an air traf­fic con­trol flight num­ber if you pre­fer.

SchedulePlanner’s visu­al dis­play mode includes an opti­miser to help you eas­i­ly allo­cate flight sec­tors to air­craft. By auto­mat­i­cal­ly tak­ing into account air­craft on the ground and air­port turn­around times, Sched­ule­Plan­ner lets you allo­cate your air­craft as time-effi­cient­ly as pos­si­ble to max­imise block times in order to gain the great­est val­ue from your fleet.

Ful­ly-inte­grat­ed slot man­age­ment means you can gen­er­ate and sub­mit IATA-com­pli­ant indi­vid­ual and batch SCR mes­sages to air­port coor­di­na­tors in order to obtain slot per­mis­sions. Syn­chro­ni­sa­tion of the flight pro­gramme with the slot sta­tus of each flight means you can eas­i­ly iden­ti­fy where to send new or improved slot requests. Sched­ule­Plan­ner will also import an SIR mes­sage so that you can check your sched­ule against your air­port slot allo­ca­tion, record your slot snap­shot and com­mence the hand back process pri­or to the slot use it or lose it sta­tus.

Flight times can be dis­played in both UTC and local time, and world­wide ISO time zones are updat­ed auto­mat­i­cal­ly by IATA sea­sons.

Sched­ule­Plan­ner enables you to gen­er­ate a range of reports includ­ing iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of your air­craft block and flight hours, your airline’s pro­gramme, timetable, hub and sched­ule dis­plays.


  • Airport, Airport region and IATA region databases
  • Airport curfew and opening times database
  • Time zone database including IATA seasons
  • Airport default terminal wizard

Air traffic control

  • Air traffic control flight number rules dictionary
  • Air traffic control flight number generation by IATA season/period


  • Crew roles (subject to CrewLogic data feed or third party data feed)
  • Crew aircraft composition

Fleet administration

  • Optimised allocation of flight sectors to aircraft
  • Visual display of flight sectors, flight rotations and flight series
  • Flight sector creation automatically evaluates flight type, range, aircraft access, turn-around times and airport curfew limitations
  • Create, modify and delete sectors and rotations, including round-the-world flights, in one wizard
  • Intuitive wizards allow batch update of flight designator, series type, service type, carrier ACV version, code share
  • Add memos (notes) on a flight series and briefs (notes) on a flight sector
  • Flight search function and flight sector clearance function
  • Over-flight block and burn database providing users with a range of route block-time options
  • Ability to allocate aircraft to standstill and maintenance events
  • Comprehensive fleet database including turnaround times, range and landing limitations
  • Tabular display of aircraft schedules and slots
  • Tabular display of aircraft schedules by day with crew and briefs
  • Automatic time zone updates
  • A range of aircraft databases including registration, availability, version and configuration
  • Standstill creation, modification and deletion wizard for aircraft maintenance
  • Standstill dictionary
  • Comprehensive airport database includes curfews, addresses, hotel and handling agent details

IATA standards and messages

  • IATA message generation, such as ASM, SSM, DIV, MVT, AAS, ADM
  • IATA SSIM generation, export and import
  • IATA load items dictionary
  • IATA seasons
  • IATA reason codes
  • IATA service types and payload option
  • DEI codes
  • Integration services


  • Electronic user log
  • Airline designator database
  • FIR database
  • Fuel type
  • HOTAC dictionary
  • Supplier contacts database

Responsibility and view periods

  • Flight alerts
  • Scheduling/Operations responsibility option
  • Schedule external publication


  • Airline plot report
  • Aircraft block and flight time utilisation reports
  • Aircraft weekly, aircraft statistics, aircraft rotations and aircraft fuel burn reports
  • Minimum connection time by airport or by period
  • Flight arrivals and connection display, within and outside of minimum connection time
  • Flight connections — HUB timetable report
  • Timetable and hub reports
  • Flight sector by station report
  • Flight number by date period or by day
  • Freight statistics report
  • Turnaround by airport report
  • Schedule delay report
  • Aircraft passenger report (subject to external data feed)


  • Create and test an unlimited number of scenarios using ScheduleSim
  • You can then easily export your chosen scenario straight into SchedulePlanner
  • See ScheduleSim for more information.

Slot management and messaging

  • Fully integrated slot and sector management, and tracking functionality with automatic generation and import of SCR messages
  • SIR import function
  • SAL import function
  • Slot snap-shot and hand-back functions
  • Slot use-it-or-lose-it status
  • Communication via e-mail and IATA messaging standards including SSIM, SSM, FPL and SCR
  • Display of SCR by airport
  • Display of SCR portfolio
  • Historical slots management and control
  • Slot status display
  • Slot memo display
  • SchedulePlanner information is automatically shared with SmartOps and Crewlogic via a single common database, so updated flight amendments appear immediately in each application

Visual display

  • Visual display of flight sectors, flight rotations and flight series
  • Scrollable schedules and ‘drag-and-drop’ visual display
  • Tabular text display of all schedules
  • Customisable display settings
  • Powerful flight audit and search options
  • View expected number of passengers
  • Commercial and air traffic control flight number displays
  • Flight sector clearance check­ lists and tracking functions
  • IATA/ ICAO airport code display

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