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CrewSim lets you create and test multiple crewing scenarios. Being a sandbox-tool parallel to the production environment, it identifies the most efficient and effective crewing solution.

By importing your existing crew data from CrewLogic, and combining it with your flight schedule from either SchedulePlanner or ScheduleSim, CrewSim allows you to test multiple crew pairings, establishments and rosters that you can be sure are airline and aviation authority crew rules-compliant.

CrewSim’s optimisers can, of course, be fine-tuned by APM’s consultancy service to meet your specific airline’s requirements.

Its suite of analysis and reporting tools allows you to display several scenarios on the same screen in just a few clicks. This enables easy evaluation of your options so you can decide on a preferred crewing scenario.

Before you export the scenario back to production, CrewSim gives a visual graphical display of all differences between your production pairings and crew roster, and those in your scenario, so you can decide which to maintain in production in the export process. You can then export this to the production environment of CrewLogic to form the foundation of your season’s crew management or to identify your long-term establishment planning.

CrewSim administration

  • import complete or partial schedules from ScheduleSim or a live production schedule from SchedulePlanner
  • build in and apply airline and aviation authority crew rules and parameters
  • easy interpretation of scenarios through a range of reporting tools make roster comparison more intuitive and efficient
  • export the desired scenario back into CrewLogic

Integrated crew route pairings optimiser

  • automatically generate crew rule-compliant crew pairings to cover flights
  • parameterisation of rules to be ignored by the optimiser such as extended duty pairings, and augmented crew pairings
  • generation of pairings by crew roles
  • define multiple crew base airports and stopover airports
  • ability to limit pairings by crew base
  • automated creation of hotac using a hotac dictionary
  • automated generation of pre and post flight positioning (Deadheading) using a generic dictionary
  • generate standby pairings for a selected period with a user-defined crew complement

Integrated crew roster optimiser

  • two-phase rostering optimiser to legally assign all crew routes - including standby pairings - and optimise balancing criteria such as block, duty, standby, and good or bad destinations
  • simulate pairings with compositions creating rosters to calculate the projected crew establishment
  • calculate the minimum number of crew required, accounting for factors including training, standby, leave and sickness
  • create virtual crews for longterm establishment planning
  • evaluate scenarios of fair or unfair crew duty allocations including duty, block time, routes and training
  • identify pairings unable to be assigned to any crew and crews unable to be used for duties
  • define ground activities to be considered as crew availability
  • automatically generate additional virtual crews and assign pairing duties that could not be assigned to any crew
  • take into account crew complements on pairings as well as crew role compatibility
  • balance by total crew or scaled by crew availabilities
  • define crews with target block times by month
  • dynamic balancing phase enables creation of multiple primary objective solutions, assignment of selected duties to some crews and balance for others, with dynamic changes to secondary objectives while maintaining primary objectives
  • limit event allocation by flight number, by destination and by ground activity
  • graphical overview of a roster (in read-only mode) to evaluate solutions prior to validation

Developed in Switzerland Developed in Switzerland

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