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Aviation software solutions

Scheduling and slot management

A suite of scheduling and slot management tools that are tailor-made to help you plan, manage, monitor and create scenarios of your airline's schedule and slots.

  • SchedulePlanner

    With its powerful combination of features, including drag-and-drop visual display, SchedulePlanner lets you monitor and manage your schedule, as well as plan and manage slots for your current and future season schedule including the slot hand-back process.

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  • ScheduleSim

    Transforms the way you are able to design and refine multiple scheduling scenarios, compare potential schedules with historic slot performance data and prepare your slot submission - all in a non-production environment.

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  • WebOps

    An add-on feature for SchedulePlanner - as well as APM’s flight-watch tool SmartOps - WebOps provides internet or intranet access to live scheduling, punctuality and flight-watch displays.

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