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SmartOps at-a-glance visual display of your live schedule - updated automatically with schedules created in SchedulePlanner - allows you to easily see and control your fleet's punctuality.

As each aircraft is dispatched, a flight sector colour-change reflects punctuality, so it is clear to see whether your flights are on time or affected by delay.

The SmartOps display comes with flight sector information which is updated for both estimated - and actual - departure and arrival times. If your environment is configured to receive movement messages from either the Sita or Arinc networks these messages will import and process automatically, as will the ETE times to update the punctuality status of your display.

If your airline opts to delay one or more flights, SmartOps can generate delay messages that are relayed to designated parties and the system will also generate ASM, ASD's and AAS messages.

Its range of user-friendly tools for the delay, cancellation, diversion, return to gate and reinstatement of flights, means that SmartOps can support rapid decision-making. As actions are taken, SmartOps will warn you of any aircraft turn-around times or curfews which are compromised and has a configurable alert system such as forbidden airport or take-off weight tolerance. Users of the APM CrewLogic system will also be warned of crew limitations displayed if a delay creates a crew limitation warning.

SmartOps provides a range of customisable reports that can be exported or e-mailed from within the application itself. These include, for example, fuel uplift and fuel burn, delay, day of operations and aircraft allocation schedule reports. The system will also capture all data to fully complete a flight-log for each sector.


  • Airport, Airport region and IATA region databases
  • Airport curfew and opening times database
  • Time zone database including IATA seasons
  • Airport default terminal wizard

ATC indicators

  • ATC slot required
  • ATC response acknowledged
  • ATC flight suspension
  • ATC response sent


  • Crew roles (subject to CrewLogic data feed or third party data feed)
  • Crew aircraft composition

Fleet administration

  • Automated flight-watch tasks
  • 'What if' delay feature
  • Easy-to-use wizards to delay, amend, re-route, divert, return-to-gate, cancel, reinstate and create last-minute flights
  • Flight sector clearance check-lists and tracking
  • Comprehensive airport database includes curfews, addresses, forbidden airports, hotel and handling agent details
  • Ability to allocate aircraft to standstill and maintenance events
  • Over-flight block and burn database providing users with a range of route block-time options
  • Comprehensive flight audit and search options
  • Pre and post-flight information
  • Automatic time zone updates
  • Flight documents folder
  • SCR slot generation
  • Comprehensive fleet database including turnaround times, range and landing limitations
  • Operational and maintenance limitations
  • Alert filter wizard to highlight A/C range, curfew, LAW tolerance etc.

Flight document folder

  • Store and display flight documents
  • Store and display airport documents

IATA standard and messages

  • IATA messaging standards communications including ASM, FPL, SAMs, AASs, MVT, MVA incl FOB, LDMs, ADM, DIV, SSM, SCRs and APIS for users of CrewLogic
  • IATA message generation, such as ASM, SSM, DIV, MVT, AAS, ADM
  • IATA SSIM generation, export and import
  • IATA load items dictionary
  • IATA seasons
  • IATA reason codes
  • IATA service types and payload option
  • DEI codes
  • Integration services
  • Load, passenger and CFMU message import
  • Delay message status
  • APIS messages


  • Electronic user log
  • Airline designator database
  • FIR database
  • Fuel type
  • HOTAC dictionary
  • Supplier contacts database


  • Aircraft activity reports
  • Flight log recording
  • Fuel uplift and burn
  • Fuel consumption report
  • Carbon emission report
  • Plus a comprehensive range of other reports and data with user-defined outputs and formats, including RTF, Excel and PDF
  • Daily ops report
  • Zero fuel weight report
  • Hub report
  • Timetable report
  • Turnaround on airport report
  • Gen Dec's (CrewLogic feed required)
  • Customs forms (CrewLogic feed required)
  • Flight statistics report
  • Schedule report

Visual display

  • Visual display of aircraft and sectors
  • Scrollable schedules with vertical and horizontal ‘drag-and-drop’ features
  • Grid display of aircraft and sectors
  • Commercial non-operating and ATC flight numbers display
  • Flight designator and carrier displays
  • Customisable display settings
  • Passenger number import and display options
  • Comprehensive colour alerts
  • Airport information display
  • On-time departure display
  • On-time arrival display
  • Secondary time zone indicator
  • DAC on board indicator
  • Flight briefs and memos
  • Maximum flight duty indicator with and without captain's discretion (CrewLogic feed required)
  • Slip crew indicator (CrewLogic feed required)
  • Heavyweight aircraft indicator

Developed in Switzerland Developed in Switzerland

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