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QuoteManager lets you quickly and easily forecast flight profitability by calculating the revenue and costs generated for a proposed flight or flight rotation.

Its financial database of direct operating costs includes handling, engineering, parking, fuel, passenger taxes, over-flight, catering, crew, cargo, distribution and overheads. By maintaining your supplier rates within QuoteManager, you can calculate all potential charges for a proposed flight or flight rotation.

Costs are stored in a ‘cost set’ that can be duplicated and refined to let you forecast future costs based on anticipated inflationary or actual supplier cost rises.

QuoteManager’s exchange rate currency database also means that supplier costs can be easily converted to your airline’s preferred accounting currency.

You can calculate the seat and cargo revenue required to earn your preferred level of margin and because QuoteManager calculates flight profitability alongside forecasted flight revenues and costs, you have the option to adjust revenue to reach your target profit margin.

Once your flight’s financial calculations are complete, you can generate a comprehensive quotation which can be sent to distributors. Because each quotation is saved and stored, it is available for you to refer to in future. Once a quotation is accepted you can record acceptance and add your flight to the production schedule stored in APM’s SchedulePlanner.

Features include

  • visual and text display of schedules
  • supplier ‘cost sets’ for accurate simulation
  • revenue margin adjustment wizard
  • multiple currency sets for financial transparency throughout the simulation
  • cost and currency set adjustment wizards
  • tax code dictionary
  • supplier, airport and distributors database
  • quotation list
  • customer proposal documents
  • cost adjustment audit log

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