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Crew members can check their personal details and qualifications, and send request messages to their crew planning manager, as well as receive alerts about last-minute duty changes. Crew briefing reports, general declarations and customs declarations can also be printed locally by crew members. So long as they have the correct permissions, senior crew members can also review their crew's rosters and duty qualifications without the need to contact their crew planning manager.

CrewWebPlus administration

  • ability to view personal details
  • the possibility to view qualifications
  • the chance to review training activities
  • graphical and text view of crew duties
  • the ability to obtain and print the released roster
  • a roster changes alert section
  • a platform for receiving crew messages
  • a portal for sending the crew planner messages
  • customs and general declaration report generation
  • ability to review a user’s web connection history
  • crew role transition training function
  • web access to individual rosters and roster changes
  • messages and requests for holidays and flights
  • allows remote access to view and update flight logs for any particular flight

CrewWebPlus connects with

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