Aviation software solutions

Aviation software solutions

Tools that help you cre­ate, man­age and mon­i­tor crew estab­lish­ments, ros­ters and train­ing so your peo­ple and your busi­ness can per­form at their peak.

  • CrewLogic

    An indis­pens­able tool for effec­tive crew man­age­ment. Crew­Log­ic har­ness­es the pow­er of APM’s opti­miser to gen­er­ate crew pair­ings and ros­ters with the poten­tial to gen­er­ate high per­for­mance and fair­ness at min­i­mum cost.

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  • CrewSim

    CrewSim lets you cre­ate and test mul­ti­ple crew­ing sce­nar­ios. Being a sand­box-tool par­al­lel to the pro­duc­tion envi­ron­ment, it iden­ti­fies the most effi­cient and effec­tive crew­ing solu­tion.

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  • CrewWebPlus

    An option­al addi­tion for Crew­Log­ic, CrewWeb­Plus lets your crew access essen­tial infor­ma­tion includ­ing ros­ters, mes­sages and brief­in­gs at any­time, any­where, via the web in either a text or a graph­i­cal visu­al dis­play.

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