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ProfitSim provides a feature-rich way to find the most profitable schedule for your entire airline.

With its range of saved ‘schedule sets’ - shared with ScheduleSim and CrewSim - ProfitSim allows your commercial team to test multiple scenarios. The application checks each scenario against a database of supplier and direct operating costs which can also be duplicated and refined to let you forecast future costs based on inflationary or supplier cost rises. A currency database also means that supplier costs can be easily converted to your airline’s preferred accounting currency.

What is more, ProftSim offers a ‘revenue by destination’ database providing projected flight revenue forecasts by period based on anticipated seat load factors. As the system generates expected revenues and costs for each flight, it can also identify profitability, even for the entire flight programme over a given season.

The ability to identify loss-making and low-margin flights provides vital insight to inform decision-making prior to flight operation.

You can evaluate ProfitSim’s results in a range of ways: by network, schedule, fleet, route, flight type and destination, each of which can contribute to setting key performance indicators for your schedule.

ProfitSim is capable of generating a series of reports which cover costs, revenue, profitability and the comparison between actual and forecasted performance.

Because ProfitSim seamlessly connects with APM’s SchedulePlanner you can import live schedules - without the need for any intermediary software.

Features include

  • visual display and text-only view modes for schedules
  • scrollable schedules and ‘drag and drop’ visual display
  • easy to use schedule amendment for ‘what-if’ simulations
  • SSIM import and schedule copy feature
  • storage and simulation of multiple schedules
  • multiple supplier ‘cost sets’, ‘revenue sets’ and ‘currency sets’ for simulation
  • revenue, cost and currency ‘set’ adjustment wizards
  • inflation grid matrix wizard
  • tax code dictionary
  • supplier and airport database
  • profitability simulations and reports by schedule, fleet, destination or route
  • schedule profitability comparison report generator
  • ability to export reports to Excel and xml format
  • general ledger integration options

ProfitSim connects with

Developed in Switzerland Developed in Switzerland

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