Aviation software solutions

Aviation software solutions

Finance­Whiz makes it eas­i­er to cal­cu­late your flight costs and rec­on­cile sup­pli­er invoic­es so your air­line only ever pays for what it uses.

Cal­cu­late the direct oper­at­ing costs of your flights so your finance team can eas­i­ly match the val­ue of invoic­es raised by your sup­pli­ers against the expect­ed costs at con­tract­ed rates. Finance­Whiz can auto­mat­i­cal­ly import Fuel and Euro­con­trol invoic­es via an EDI link and match those invoic­es to accru­als.

With Finance­Whiz you are able to gen­er­ate an accru­als report, itemis­ing expect­ed sup­pli­er costs against the actu­al flight-time, help­ing you to spot dif­fer­ences between agreed and actu­al costs once a sup­pli­er invoice is received.

Like Quote­M­an­ag­er and Prof­it­Sim, Finance­Whiz fea­tures a cur­ren­cy data­base which means that sup­pli­er costs can be eas­i­ly con­vert­ed to your airline’s pre­ferred account­ing cur­ren­cy.

You can also gen­er­ate a range of per­for­mance reports includ­ing flight per­for­mance, pas­sen­ger and fuel burn details. In addi­tion, FinanceWhiz’s option­al extract fea­ture means you can share data from Finance­Whiz with your own data ware­house and finan­cial ledger.

And because Finance­Whiz seam­less­ly con­nects with APM’s Smar­tOps the oper­at­ed live sched­ule feeds actu­al flight infor­ma­tion auto­mat­i­cal­ly into Finance­Whiz with­out the need for any inter­me­di­ary soft­ware.

Features include

  • supplier ‘cost set’ for accruals calculations
  • a supplier accounts record check function
  • supplier invoice processing wizard
  • EDI import of fuel and Eurocontrol invoices
  • automatic matching of invoices to operated flight accruals
  • flight accruals calculated on flight log operational values
  • accrual calculations based on flight actuals
  • currency sets
  • tax code dictionary
  • supplier and airport database
  • fleet database
  • the ability to extract reports into Excel
  • accruals report
  • general ledger code dictionary
  • audit log of cost amendments
  • integration options to your general ledger with SAP interfaces
  • control invoicing with financial modelling tools

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