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APM connects with fatigue risk management platform — SAFE


APM Tech­nolo­gies are pleased to announce that from Feb­ru­ary 2018 we will be offer­ing all cus­tomers with a SAFE suite license the abil­i­ty to eas­i­ly track the fatigue risks to their crew mem­bers with the inte­gra­tion of the SAFE Suite of pre­dic­tive fatigue mod­els with our crew­ing mod­ule; Crew­Log­ic.

What is the Safe Suite?
Devel­oped specif­i­cal­ly for the avi­a­tion indus­try includ­ing a suite of algo­rithms and data con­tributed from major air­lines includ­ing British Air­ways, Air New Zealand and Emi­rates, the FRMSc’s Safe Suite is a plat­form to iden­ti­fy fatigues scores of both cab­in crew (CARE) and flight crew (SAFE), assist­ing your air­line in safe crew man­age­ment. The mod­el is based on the pop­u­lar fatigue scale — Samn-Perel­li sev­en-point fatigue scale (SPS).

SAFE – Sys­tem for air­crew fatigue eval­u­a­tion
Designed to man­age Pilot fatigue and con­sid­ers trans-merid­i­an trav­el, cumu­la­tive fatigue, on-board nap­ping and oth­er vari­ables, whilst esti­mat­ing sleep peri­ods.

CARE – Cab­in crew alert­ness and rest eval­u­a­tion
Designed for cab­in crew, CARE is built using the fatigue mod­el from SAFE but with algo­rithms specif­i­cal­ly cre­at­ed to reflect needs of the cab­in crew, as the work­load is dif­fer­ent.


NEW — inte­gra­tion with APM’s Crew­Log­ic
Pre­vi­ous­ly, APM cus­tomers with a SAFE license were able to export their ros­ters cre­at­ed in Crew­Log­ic, into the Safe suite to view fatigue risks. Due to new devel­op­ments and the con­nec­tion to the SAFE API, our cus­tomers can now clear­ly view the fatigue lev­els of their crew with­in Crew­Log­ic itself.



Clear colour alerts
Colours are used to imme­di­ate­ly indi­cate whether a crew mem­ber is at a nor­mal lev­el, reach­ing fatigue or at a lev­el which may become prob­lem­at­ic.

Shown in this exam­ple — the green high­lights that your crew are ‘alert’ and the dark orange indi­cates they are between ‘tired’ and ‘fatigued’.


Ben­e­fits of the inte­gra­tion to your air­line

·         Can assist your air­line with iden­ti­fy­ing and man­ag­ing fatigue risks in accor­dance with your Nation­al Avi­a­tion Author­i­ty reg­u­la­tions

·         Clear and imme­di­ate view of the fatigue scores of your crew, with­in Crew­Log­ic

·         Colour cod­ed FRM alerts with the abil­i­ty to pri­ori­tise their order

·         Quick, sim­ple and cost effec­tive set up process

·         Reli­able and reg­u­lar­ly syn­chro­nised – a stan­dard per­for­mance of up to 150,000 duties includ­ed in any one API call with high­er per­for­mances avail­able if required

·         View your crew’s fatigue scores in past, present and future sched­ules, assist­ing with plan­ning and prob­lem solv­ing

If you have a SAFE licence or are look­ing to gain one, inte­grat­ing SAFE with our Crew­Log­ic mod­ule will be high­ly ben­e­fi­cial to your air­line for view­ing fatigue issues with­in both past, live and future crew sched­ules. Many avi­a­tion reg­u­la­tors and author­i­ties are expe­ri­enced users of SAFE and CARE. SAFE is used for inci­dent and acci­dent inves­ti­ga­tors and was also used in the process to mod­el fatigu­ing sched­ules by the EASA task force for the reg­u­la­tions for air­crew fatigue that came into force in Feb­ru­ary 2016.


Get SAFE con­nect­ed
Cur­rent­ly 2 APM cus­tomers have signed up to take advan­tage of this excit­ing low-cost con­nec­tiv­i­ty and get the best out of their fatigue licence with FRM­Sc.

Whether you are an exist­ing APM cus­tomer or look­ing at pos­si­ble new solu­tions and have or are look­ing at obtain­ing a SAFE licence, this is a quick, sim­ple and cost-effec­tive process which your air­line could ben­e­fit from, avail­able from Feb­ru­ary 2018. Con­tact us here for more infor­ma­tion or email info@apmtechnologies.com.


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