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Built especially with the charter aviation market in mind, YieldPlanner is a feature-rich tool that helps maximise seat revenue and manage yield.

With YieldPlanner you are able to sell seats and adjust seat-price, in line with demand, to maximise revenue at peak dates and times.

You can also allocate revenue for seats or by categories such as flights and flight rotations, or for an entire flight series within an IATA season.

With its database of distributors and brokers, as seats are sold, YieldPlanner enables you to allocate seats to appropriate distributors. Sales tracking and invoice templates mean you are able to issue pre-flight and post-flight invoices that include the appropriate airport passenger and security charges based on your contracted terms stored in the system regarding your distributors.

YieldPlanner offers the ability to generate a range of reports including identification of aircraft seat availability and sales figures.

For seamless software performance, APM’s SchedulePlanner is able to share live schedule data with YieldPlanner and avoid the need for intermediary software.

Features include

  • all-flight schedule passenger payload displayed in tabular text
  • software wizards to insert seat sale allocations by flight, by rotation, or by series
  • seat payload allocation features based on aircraft configurations
  • seat revenue matrix import
  • expected and post-flight passenger load display options
  • passenger departure tax and security charges database
  • supplier and distributor database
  • pre and post-flight invoice generation and print feature
  • comprehensive airport, aircraft statistics and sales reports in-flight service and catering

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