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Focus on operational contingencies with APM’s SmartOps

Flight operations — filters, sorting and alerts 



Pres­sures that air­lines face on the day of oper­a­tions can make the effi­cient man­age­ment of flights chal­leng­ing. With such a large focus on the pas­sen­ger expe­ri­ence, ensur­ing flights are as near to their sched­ules as pos­si­ble is a main pri­or­i­ty for the air­lines’ OCC depart­ments. APM’s oper­a­tions soft­ware – Smar­tOps, has been designed to assist air­lines with the smooth run­ning of their air­craft dur­ing the flight watch peri­od whilst min­imis­ing dis­rup­tions to the cus­tomer.

We appre­ci­ate that on the day of oper­a­tions, air­lines require a quick and easy view of what is hap­pen­ing with their fleet. The alerts, fil­ters and sort­ing func­tions in the graph­i­cal dis­play show what issues need to be addressed first, based on pref­er­ences and spe­cif­ic prob­lems which are impor­tant to a par­tic­u­lar user or depart­ment.

Smar­tOps enables users to eas­i­ly fil­ter by the air­craft or flights they want to view, whilst being alert­ed to any issues which may be aris­ing dur­ing the day of oper­a­tions such as A/C out of range, cur­few in breach, delays and more.

This flex­i­bil­i­ty can be ben­e­fi­cial to all air­lines, espe­cial­ly those with a medi­um to large fleet or var­i­ous depart­ments who wish to view cer­tain areas or prob­lems with their flights.


Man­age your fleet more effi­cient­ly and max­imise pro­duc­tiv­i­ty with Smar­tOps.
Our soft­ware pack­ages offer com­pre­hen­sive solu­tions and sup­port at excel­lent val­ue — for a more detailed view of our soft­ware and how your air­line can reap the ben­e­fits please con­tact us for a demo.

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